Look through these websites and books for more info:

Him Mark Lai Digital Archive

Stanford University: Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

American Experiences on PBS

Harpweek: The Chinese American Experience 1857-1892

Shaping San Francisco’s Digital Archive @ FoundSF 1 2

Ron Henggeler: The Big Four on Nob Hill

SF Images

Katherine Powell Cohen, Images in America: San Francisco’s Nob Hill. 2010. Arcadia Publishing.

Richard Rayner, The Associates: Four Capitalists Who Created California. 2007. W. W. Norton/Atlas & Company.

Iris Chang, The Chinese in America: A Narrative History. 2003. Penguin Books (Chapter 5, “Building the Transcontinental Railroad”)

David Howard Bain, Empire Express. 2000. Penguin Books.